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Nine weeks ago I started a blog and new nothing about blogging or where it would take me. I can honestly say that I actually really enjoyed the experience. I think the best part about the blog for me was that I could expand a lot on discussions I had during class. All of my blogs with the exception of the second one are a topic that we discussed during the week. It’s fun to actually take time to think about the answers given, read everything and really look at the big picture afterwards. Many of the topics I knew nothing about. After my own research I had a little more information but really it was the class discussion and time that I think made my blog even better! Blogging is a great avenue to take those discussions and expand on them and really made my class experience better. I think it is something I will continue even in my other classes!



Container Store


When looking at using emerging media today to market there is a fine line between the in-your-face approach and the subtle way to market products. It is so easy to have pop-up ads and texts and tweets and status up-dates but a company needs to be careful not to turn a consumer off! I think that part of the reason for this is that early on, many companies hadn’t grasped what the authors the WSJ article in our homework this week as “Resist the temptation to sell, sell, sell,” (Parise, Guinan, & Weinberg, 2008). This turned me off from following brands as opposed to individuals.

The container store has a great approach to using social networking. While the Container Store does still pitch their products from time to time, they also have a fair number of conversational posts. These type of posts draw the customer into dialogue and relationship with the brand expanding and deepening the brand relationship.  I love the idea of going on there and not feeling like I am being bombarded with buying products. I think the container store is the perfect company to use their social networking sites to subtly sell their products.





















By teaching people how to organize a closet using their products would be something I am greatly interested in. Or show an example of a college dorm room before and after and teach people, not just show a picture, how to go in and make their room look like that! I think a lot of companies would be successful using social networking in this way but especially a store like the container store! In addition to all the resources the container store has on Facebook they also have a blog. The blog focuses more on who the company is and their employees. However, it still have really helpful information and ideas! Again, this is a perfect fit for a company like the container store. They have so many products that have a millions of different uses finding a great medium to showcase themselves is really important.















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Privacy and rights have come a long way. I remember when I was in school learning about the Griswold v. Connecticut in 1965 supreme court case where this very topic was discussed.  This was an incredible case and paved the way today for our privacy laws “A landmark case in which the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the Constitution protected a right to privacy. The case involved a Connecticut law that prohibited the use of contraceptives. By a vote of 7–2, the Supreme Court invalidated the law on the grounds that it violated the ‘right to marital privacy’”. (Wikipedia, 2011) By that ruling it was stated that people have the right to their privacy and while that case was what goes on behind closed doors we now have the issue of keeping safe our information online. By definition the online world is open to millions and millions of people, so how do we keep our information safe? It seems to be a daily struggle that most people haven’t found the answers too. They do what they can and there are laws which are extremely important but the fact is that once it’s out there can you really control who uses that information? Is our information really private?










When looking at this topic it is impossible not to discuss Facebook. The entire purpose of Facebook is putting personal information out there for the world to see. Yes, there are privacy settings and ways you can control what information is out there. But still your picture, your hometown, your likes, where you are and what you are doing are a click away. There are several stories even of Facebook status updates being connected to home burglaries such as this story “Keri McMullen and Kurt Pendleton left a status update on Facebook Saturday night that said they wouldn’t be home because they were going to a concert in nearby Louisville at 8 p.m…. After posting images of the suspects on Facebook, McMullen realized one of them had “friended” her about six months ago. She says he grew up across the street from her and hasn’t seen him in more than 20 years.” (CBS, 2011) This is just one example of many where sharing too much with people is a bad thing. You would never walk up to someone you barely new and say hey I am going to be gone at 8:00pm tonight for a few hours and I live at this address. It’s crazy to think that we all do it every day! With things like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs we have to really start to think is who we are and what we are doing really private? It will be interesting to see how laws change to meet this new form of privacy that was once fought so hard to get.



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In all the integrated marketing and communication classes I have taken thus far Facebook has ALWAYS been a topic of discussion. How could it not be… right? Facebook has more than 800 million active users (Facebook, 2010) and reaches more people from a marketing perspective than the average medium and cost virtually nothing. In terms of marketing on social networking “Social media marketing is dominated by Facebook with research revealing that over 90% of all social marketing endeavors include a Facebook marketing campaign.” (Bullas, 2011) The question that has me thinking is will Facebook last a marketing tool? It appears they are doing a lot to gear Facebook to be marketing friendly, in particular with the Ads that now appear on the right hand side of Facebook.

















Apparently, according to my Ads I love shoes and cupcakes! These things are true. The point is that Facebook Ads are now personalized based on status updates and likes that you have. From a marketing perspective this is genius! Now when you are marketing Facebook is making sure your Ads reach the targeted audience. Brands are loving what Facebook can do “Facebook is considered by brands and merchants to be the “single most effective tactic in mobilizing brand advocates and influencers to spread the word about products/services.”(Megna, 2009) It will be interesting to see if as time goes on and Facebook makes yet another one of their infamous makeovers how will the marketing aspect of Facebook fair. How will it grow and change and will Facebook in general remain on this high or will something new and better come along. I guess only time will tell, for now Facebook remains King.





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Flash Mob Mania!!


One thing that we learned about this week was the power of “buzz” and a cool example of this was the buzz of a flash mob! Flash mobs are everywhere, the first place I heard of them was Oprah’s flash mob, then there was Glee’s and even on one of my favorite TV show’s Modern Family. This week on Glee there is suppose to be another flash mob, so we will have to see how it lives up to the first one!


What is it about people randomly breaking out into dance in a public place that makes us all so happy? To be honest I am not really sure but all I know is that I truly do love a good flash mob! Even my favorite commercial right now is AT&T’s parody on a flash mob. I think it’s really cleaver and something that makes me laugh every time I see it! The reality is though that without technology today organizing a flash mob would be a night mare. We have the luxury in today’s society to send emails, texts, and facebook messages in a blink of an eye we can gather a group of people to randomly break out in dance! It’s really cool and I think flash mobs are the perfect example of what we can do with emerging media!


GOP Google Debate



Regardless of whatever political side you fall on, there was something pretty cool about the GOP debate that was held last week. Fox new, who hosted the debate, partnered with Google to make the Republican National Debate a first of its kind. According to Fox News “The partnership between Fox News and Google for the debate enabled the viewing public for the first time to weigh in with votes on questions they want asked. All the submissions can be viewed on the website.” (Fox News) Finally, a debate where people could get the views of potential Presidential Candidates on questions they actually care about!

            This debate is a perfect example of emerging media being used, Google allowed people to submit questions via YouTube and people could go on and view all the questions that were submitted and then vote on them! It is exciting to be part of a generation that maybe will actually get to have more control over the types of people we elect. Candidates are now being challenged to be more accountable for what they stand for. People are going to have to start answering to the people, which is how the government should have been all along. It’s hard to poll people and get questions when we are calling landlines and things of that nature.

Now with text messages, Youtube, Facebook, and all the other emerging media out there people can finally ask the hard questions. You can’t say that media is asking one sided questions anymore because people now have the chance to submit the questions and then vote on which ones are being asked. It’s a really exciting time and I can’t wait to see where else we can go!

Another really cool emerging media feature Fox News did was they created a word cloud that, Fox explained “Now, here for a preview of what’s to come, let’s take a look at what’s called a word cloud. It shows the words that were used most often in all of the questions you asked about immigration. The bigger the word, the more often it was used.”  It’s cool that they analyzed what people were saying on each topic and then created a word cloud to show what was most important. While, using the word Illegeal caused an issue the fact that they created a word cloud based on the most commonly used word in that question sequence was very interesting. I think this debate was very cutting edge and it was a nice change from a more traditional debate. Again, I am excited to see what they can think of next!




To watch some the debate please go to the link below:



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Marketing Short Films… pretty cool!


For this weeks class assignment we had to choose marketing short films to look at, I personally had never heard of a marketing short film. The one I ended up writing about was a really cool Nike Short Film that was action backed thriller which involved Kobe Bryant, and Kanye West! It was a pretty cool way for Nike to get its products out there. However, I am not sure how to market those. The way I found the short film was by Googling it and I saw it in a sports blog! Talk about using Emerging Media Markets! I think these films are  really cool and these companies should Tweet about them or post them on their facebook pages to get them more exposure! Or even show a clip as a commercial and then direct people to find out what happens next online! Even in the film they joke about how “product placement gives us a bigger budget, and a bigger budget gives us bigger explosions!” 

While looking for short films I also came across the BMW series which is actually 8 short films all about the BMW driving performance featuring Clive Owen. Someone else in my class wrote about them but I actually loved them! The first one I watched was with Madonna and it was really funny but also did some really cool things to show off the car! I like the films and I think they are a great marketing tool. Again, I wish companies would do a better job about getting these things out there!

Here is the Madonna one: